Imagine a person who embodies logical scientist, practical entrepreneur, witty actor, profound sage and put all that in one performance that combines learning, entertainment, transformation, motivation and stand-up theatre. This is Dr. Matt.

He is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker who has performed in front of numerous audiences ranging from a dozen up to even 8000 people at once. This includes Fortune 500 companies, small and large businesses, universities and governmental institutions.

His unique performance style fuses scientific fact-based methodology with practical and easy-to-follow narration, all delivered in an emotionally engaging storytelling experience that leaves the audience wanting more.

Every speech is audience-focused and presented after an in-depth analysis of the challenges the organization faces. It aims to provide specific solutions that lead to concrete mindset changes, long-lasting empowerment and profound transformation.

As a psychologist he considers cognitive, emotional and behavioral sides of the human psyche, as an entrepreneur his focus in on fast and realistic solutions, as a scientist, he delivers tools that have been proven to be effective. On top of that, his father is an actor, and Dr. Matt has performed on stage since he was three years old.

He can deliver speeches in 7 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, German, Russian) with an in-depth understanding of cultural differences, varying his style accordingly to the needs, values, and culture of his audience.

Dr. Matt has performed on the same stage with Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Robert Cialdini and many others. His experience includes performing on scientific conferences, live TV shows, personal development seminars, debates.

All he needs is between 30-120 minutes, audience, stage, microphone and powerpoint. All you need is to contact us, tell about your needs and later just enjoy the show.