Coach facilitates their clients by asking questions that lead to achieving their goals. Consultant has the solutions and can provide you with the right answers. Teacher delivers knowledge, trainer gives the skills and mentor advises. Therapist work to cause behavioral and emotional change. And what if you combined all that into one? Then you would have Dr. Matt.

As a psychologist, he has profound understanding of cognitive, emotional and behavioral sides of human psyche. As a consultant with 16 years of experience, he perfectly understands challenges business face. As a coach, his mission is to motivate and inspire you on your journey.

He has been trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, schema therapy, rational behavior therapy, ericksonian hypnosis, mindfulness, nlp. Currently he is on his way to get PsyD on University of Northern California.

His main focus is to deliver concrete solutions to presented problems. Your issue will be analyses, described and solution will be prescribed. Client knows what they need to do in order to improve and leaves the session inspired, motivated and with a plan to carry out.

His clients range from young to mature adults who face challenges in aspects of their school or work environment, career choices, relationship issues, habits change, communication challenges, emotional problems, internal sabotages and family dynamics.

As performance coach, he has helped top soccer players, mixed martial arts fighters, runners, swimmers, bodybuilders and dancers improve their game. Dr. Matt is an athlete (blue belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner) himself, thus understands meanders professionals navigate.

In the course of his professional career, he has appeared numerous times on TV as an expert on personal growth and change. His models are unique. Style of communication is catered towards a client`s personality. You can be sure that a coaching session with Dr. Matt will be an unprecedented experience leading to growth on many levels which will propel you forward.

His schedule is busy as he works internationally and travels a lot, advance booking is necessary. He is based in Bay Area, but can travel and work online. Schedule your first session!

“A genuine person filled with a great desire to do good. He loves his job and people for whom he works, what can be felt all around him.”

Mariusz Bondarczuk


“Mateusz is a teacher with extensive experience. He can share his knowledge in an inspiring and engaging way.”

Arkadiusz Muś

Founder of PressGlass, one of the richest Poles

“Dr. Matt is one of the best orators in the world. His mindfulness and intelligence, as well as his perfect, substantive preparation for his speeches, combined with a great sense of humor can change your way of thinking about yourself and your future.”


Canadian-born American motivational public speaker and self-development author.

„Mateusz Grzesiak is a talented coach and trainer, steered by deep moral principles. What I appreciate most about him is his desire to make emotional intelligence and mindfulness available to all the world.”


Rare teacher whose rich life experience allows him to mentor clients using many modalities including meditation and contemplation

“Mateusz has a unique talent for sharing his knowledge with a large dose of creativity and energy.”

Mariusz Wirga

Physician and Medical Director of Psychosocial Oncology in Long Beach, California

“He is a world class mentor. He teaches, inspires and strengthens. He is constantly surprising, every meeting provides new possibilities for personal growth.”

Natalia Lesz

Actress and singer

“I recommend Starway’s services and Dr. Matt Grzesiak’s help to other companies, which are eager to achieve outstanding business results in a short period of time.“

Michał Bowsza

Audi Brand Manager