Constructive conversation, accurate diagnosis and a recipe for success, tailored to individual needs. Consulting with Dr. Matt is the opportunity to quickly solve problems and learn about useful tools that lead to the professional development of an individual as well as enterprises. Trust the skills supported by comprehensive psychological knowledge. Trust the experience gained over a dozen years of working with global brands. Trust a person who on a daily basis supports leaders.

Dr. Matt’s business clientele includes among other: Google, Siemens, Porsche, Coca-Cola, Keller Williams, Volkswagen, Deloitte, Danone, Audi, Credit Agricole Bank, Roche, BNP Paribas, ING, Aviva.

What he did for each sector


6-month consulting project with Audi’s (German premium car brand) management and the sales force was aimed at the successful introduction and implementation of an innovative financial product and raising sales abilities of their staff. It led to a significant increase in sales and improved the overall quality of communication between a bank, cars manufacturer, and workforce.

1-month consulting project with Man Truck and Bus, one of the leading international providers of commercial vehicles, was aimed at analyzing existing challenges and providing managerial, financial and communication solutions. After deep groundwork with managers and sales force, a strict report was created. It tightened cooperation between bank and truck manufacturer which provided a detailed plan of action.

Workshops for the HR department of Faurecia, a global leader in automotive equipment, focused on improving recruitment abilities of team members. The focus was put on the role of social media in recruitment and led to a better understanding of how it can be used in the hiring process.

A collaboration with Skoda, one of the world’s oldest car manufacturer, aimed at raising leadership skills for management. Presentation of the latest trends and global tendencies in team management allowed to achieve the intended goals, effectively educating senior Staff and helping them increase their competencies.


Continuous workshops for Danone, French food giant from Fortune 500, were aimed at various aspects sales force needed to be prepared for upcoming changes introduced by the management; team leaders were taught how to specifically improve motivational aspects of their work in order to increase employee retention; HR managers were consulted on the innovative recruitment process.

Coca-Cola, #64 on Fortune 500 invited Dr. Matt for a workshop concerning topics of creativity and motivation for executives. Different issues were covered, including giving constructive feedback, coming up with new business ideas, improving communication skills. Intensive work and great inspirations have brought desired multi-dimensional business effects.

Cooperation with PepsiCo, one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, was focused on a modern approach to work-life balance. Participants had the chance to get to know the scientific perspective, global trends, and best practice. Thanks to specific instructions, they could easily apply new behavior patterns into their everyday life.


Working with Google partners, a multinational technology company known as Internet-related services and products specialist, aimed to increase their business awareness. During the speech, issues related to business development were discussed and business development strategies were presented in order to increase the quality and effectiveness of activities undertaken in the organization, which contributes to its development.

Two-day workshop at an IT company Integro, Microsoft’s strategic partner in Poland, is a work on two key skills of employees. Using modern tools to work with advisers, their coaching skills were increased, while sales representatives learned selected theories of sales psychology and gained effective ways to raise persuasion skills.


PKN Orlen, one of the largest corporations of the oil industry in Central and Eastern Europe, wanted to increase the motivation of employees from the sales department by showing the successes achieved to date. The team was provided with a set of proven emotional, behavioral and cognitive techniques that prepared them for challenges in the new sales period.

Cooperation with the Lotos S.A. group, a huge oil company involved in the extraction and processing of crude oil and the sale of petroleum products, influenced the awareness of the generation gap in the company. During the seminar for managers, the latest leadership trends and state-of-the-art leadership techniques were presented, allowing for more effective company management and more effective communication at all levels.


Workshops for the CEOs of Deloitte, an international consulting company providing audits, accounting, tax, legal and financial services, were intensive work on communication and negotiation techniques, which significantly developed the leadership skills of the participants. Building the image of a modern leader, supporting his employees in development, while skillfully using their potential is a way that opens up unlimited possibilities in managing the team.

Real estate

The seminar for Gemini Holding, a company offering a wide range of services related to the commercial real estate investment process, aimed to increase communication skills in the company. Mutual understanding of goals, building relationships, and awareness of the importance of non-verbal communication is the key to effective communication.


Atlas is the strongest construction brand on the Polish market. Dr. Matt’s assignment was to change employees’ attitude regarding the existing sales methods, which cease to be effective. In addition, we aimed at convincing employees that building a long-term relationship with the client allows them to strengthen the portfolio and increase the company’s profits.

GS Seacon is a company focused on specialized construction, with many years of experience on the Polish and Danish market. Intensive cooperation in the field of consulting allowed to increase the company’s turnover by 140%. The individual approach to the customer in a short time resulted in satisfying results.

Pharmaceutical / Medical

The aim of the speThe aim of the cooperation with Roche, a Swiss medical company that creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests, was to increase communication skills in international teams remotely working. Participants were equipped with proven techniques of effective communication and working as a team. They also learned to solve conflicts effectively.

The goal of the speech for Sysmex, the producer of laboratory devices, was to raise the awareness and value of the laboratory diagnostics profession in the medical environment. By showing specific promotion techniques, it was possible to integrate and motivate participants and raise their self-esteem.


PZU is one of the largest insurance companies in Poland, which needed support at the time of introducing changes in its structures. The cooperation aimed at eliminating the current conflicts and directing employees to effective action. With the use of the specific case studies as well as the theory of change psychology, the participants’ attention was focused on a common goal, granting further development of the company.


A motivational speech for Arbonne, a cosmetics company dynamically operating all over the world, is a proven tool and effective technique for improving employees motivation level. Thanks to this technique participant’s level of motivation stands very high and contributes to the continuous development of the company.

Home appliances industry

Speech for employees at the management level at Amica, which is a leader in the production of household appliances on the Polish market, has resulted in raising their leadership skills. The latest trends, the most interesting case studies from around the world and building the image of a modern leader are just a few elements that make up the motivational speech that brings measurable effects.

How he works with CEOs, CFOs and managers?

Intensive cooperation with the owners and management boards of companies is a comprehensive program tailored to the individual needs of clients. This is the most effective form of work, one-on-one or in small groups, where there is a unique opportunity for broadly understood development, covering such areas as:

Personal branding

People in high positions pay more and more attention to building their brand. This modern approach allows for more effective company management and acquisition of new clients. Cooperation in this respect with the management boards of Audi, well-known clothing brand La Mania and influential CEOs, was based on an individual approach and adaptation of appropriate psychological tools that allow the creation of a long-term strategy.

Competition analysis

To stand out on the market, one has to get to know his competition. This allows creating an original strategy, which gets the attention of the recipients and leads to increased sales profits. After an individual consultation with the CEO of Certa (Rail Systems Certifications), during which we took a closer look on direct competition of her company, she was convinced of the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

Life coaching

Treating life as a holistic mechanism in which all elements interact in a particular manner is a way to achieve success in all aspects – both private and professional. Cooperation with the president of the board of Gruner + Jahr publishing house, was based on a comprehensive approach to private life and business, which allowed to increase their quality effectively.

Relationship management

Building and maintaining high-quality customer relations requires appropriate skills and is a guarantee of success. Cooperation with Sokpol means specific methods of communication, individual strategy and psychological tools to sustain a long-term relationship with recipients.

Motivational models

Effective motivation, permanently increasing the willingness to act, brings indescribable effects. This was confirmed by the board members of Volkswagen, Vivus, and Fines, with whom Dr. Matt had the opportunity to cooperate, presenting the most effective psychological tools of motivation, tailored to the individual needs of their employees.

Social media strategy

In order to take full advantage of the potential hidden in social media and adjust the strategy to the individual needs of the company, it is worth using the advice of a professional who has been building his image in social media for years. The strength of a well-designed strategy has been proven by the president of the TargetPro board.


The position of the leader on international markets is currently undergoing re-evaluation. Research shows that nearly 1/3 of employees do not trust their superiors. Modern leadership is a response to the needs of employees and an opportunity to increase the company’s capabilities. The management staff of Audi, Autopart, Lotos, JobHouse, and TargetPro had the opportunity to see what the results of individual, intensive cooperation in international, sociological and psychological leadership models bring.

Executive coaching

Senior managers are required to have a wide range of competencies, both hard and soft so that they can successfully lead and motivate the team. Executive coaching is an individual diagnosis of needs, defining areas for development and systematic work on what requires improvement in the context of team management. The following list of clients with whom I have worked in this area is proof that development is the foundation for success: Audi, Autopart, Panek, Fines, TargetPro, Campol fruit, Biteck, Patriotic, Fenix3, Intercars, Leadbullet.

Marketing, sales & merchandising strategy

Developing an effective marketing strategy allows leads to increase their company’s profits significantly. That knowledge was presented to the owners of the chain of gyms the Wilanów Artis and the Fenix3, with whom Dr. Matt worked on a coherent strategy, enabling them to stand out in the competitive sport and technology industry. With Danone’s management, he conducted a merchandising strategy analysis, which was the basis for further strategic plans of the company.

Long term educational mentoring process

It stands for long-term cooperation, covering all of the above areas, striving to improve the quality of life and business. It is also individual support, substantive knowledge and effective psychological tools ready to be used in life and business. The great value of this intensive cooperation was evident by the owner of an international luxury housing development, the management staff of JobHouse, Camera and many other.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is based primarily on defining the company’s vision, mission, values, and goals. Cooperation with Tieto allowed to work out the foundations on which one can build a thriving enterprise.

Public speaking

Every successful manager needs to masterfully manage public speaking. Dr. Matt worked with the CEO of one of the Big Four companies to make his annual presentation a show of eloquence, substantive knowledge, and self-confidence.

Managerial communication styles

Working with the management staff of Autopart and GS Seacon included various communication styles, tailored to the recipient needs and meeting assigned goals.

“A genuine person filled with a great desire to do good. He loves his job and people for whom he works, what can be felt all around him.”

Mariusz Bondarczuk


“Mateusz is a teacher with extensive experience. He can share his knowledge in an inspiring and engaging way.”

Arkadiusz Muś

Founder of PressGlass, one of the richest Poles

“I recommend Starway’s services and Dr. Matt Grzesiak’s help to other companies, which are eager to achieve outstanding business results in a short period of time.“

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