Mixed Mental Arts

Mixed Mental Arts

Mixed Mental Arts is an integrated social competencies model designed by Dr. Matt Grzesiak. It was created to scientifically define and effectively adapt soft skills in the environments of both organizations and individuals, in the context of personal and professional development. It is recognized as the first comprehensive social competencies / soft skills model in the world.


The Mixed Mental Arts system is the result of Dr. Matt’s years of experience in working with individual clients, small and medium enterprises as well as international corporations. The solutions included in this system were created from the very beginning of Dr. Matt’s training activity but appeared on the market in an integrated form in 2016.


This system refers to four areas of personal and professional life: spirituality, marketing, personal development, management.


Mixed Mental Arts is a model of social skills, which the author defines as the ability to manage thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, enabling achievement of goals in professional and personal life. The model is designed to teach how to solve problems and make decisions, eliminate outdated patterns of thinking, planning, goals achievement, self-motivation and modern management of an organization. It combines tools from various fields of science, including psychology, philosophy, management, marketing.


The Mixed Mental Arts model was presented in the USA, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and many other countries. In practice, the model was used in many companies from the following sectors: automotive, fuel, FMCG, energy, cosmetics, banking, insurance and IT. Currently, Mixed Mental Arts tools are being widely implemented on the US market.